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Advertising Sales and Revenue Sharing Business Model

How does AirMedia Generate Revenue?

Few people watch advertisements on TV anymore… Tivo eliminates them, or you simply fast forward past ads on your favorite recorded shows. Advertisers can no longer reach people in their homes as effectively as they used to. The Answer?  Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) presents vivid, high quality static and full motion video ads, entertainment and information to consumers during they’re daily out of home activities.

You’ve seen LCD/LED displays in retail stores, public kiosks (urban furniture), doctors offices and of course, roadside billboards. Air Media is driving DOOH to the next level… onto airport shuttle buses, commuter motor coaches, ferries and other transit vehicles. We deliver high demographic value captive audiences to advertisers whom they couldn’t otherwise reach effectively…and they’re willing to pay us premium prices for it.

Air Media; provides the most sought after form of advertising media today.

Air Media technology connects viewers with the most sought after advertising media today 

where they are 70% of the time… out of home!

Most transit operators already sell advertising on their transit vehicles (bus wraps, fixed exterior and interior signage). They typically use a media company to sell the ad space and install the ads, and they share the advertising revenue.

In our business model, we’re rewarded by generating and sharing ad sales revenue with transit operators and media companies using our technology on their fleets.  Our technology can also serve the public community by providing gratis public service, security and emergency information announcements. 

Ad sales and Revenue share: Once our AirMediaOnewireless digital LED advertising systems is installed on a transit operator’s vehicles, their media company and Air Media begin jointly selling this high value digital ad space to local, regional, and national advertisers. Ad space is sold directly to the advertisers as well as to regional and national Ad placement companies.

The largest share of revenue, typically at least 50%, goes to Air Media who usually owns and operates the on-board system and wireless network.

We share revenue with the with the media companies in a pre-defined split arrangement

after system operating costs and sales commissions are deducted. Transit properties are paid in the form of leases or licensing fees. This provides an important supplemental revenue source to help defray transit operating costs.

Ads are sold, revenue is shared and fees are paid in a flexible, coordinated contractual partnership.

Low Risk Natural Transition to Digital On-Board Advertising Sales:

Transit operators and their media companies are already selling advertising space, so it’s a natural and easy extension for them to begin selling this new higher value digital ad space to their clients.

Since ad revenue is shared, each partner (transit operator, media company and Air Media) is inherently motivated to maximize ad sales, and hence everyone’s revenue. 

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      We partner with transit operators to:

  • ​​Design, implement and operate wireless

    digital advertising and content networks.

  • Sell advertising space.
  • Assemble content into creative, engaging


  • Schedule and wirelessly download playlists to transit vehicles.
  • Wirelessly update playlists with breaking

    news, sports, weather and entertainment.