Management Team:

  • Rex D. Williams;  Founding Partner, CEO

As CEO, Rex is responsible for overall corporate strategic planning, financing/P&L, organizational structure and investor relations. Rex participates in key ad sales activities and ad agency recruitment and relationship building as part of the executive sales team. He approves and manages all key contract negotiations. Rex also oversees the ongoing playlist management at transit partner installations.

Rex’s experience in electronic and digital advertising networks spans over 25 years. He started his career in 1986 as an executive of Ad Art Electronic Sign Corporation, a pioneer in the LED business. Beginning as an account executive, grew a division from $1 million in revenue to $20 million in seven years and  was subsequently named Executive Vice President in appointed to the Board of Directors. While Rex was at Ad Art, he met and began a long business relationship with Peter Wrobleski, COO of Air Media

In 2001, Rex formed Digital Display Consultants, LLC (DDC) and provided LED Signage consulting in Technology selection, site assessment, land lease negotiation and procurement of advertising agencies and advertisers.  He was chief negotiator between LG CNS and The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) for the fabrication and installation of the largest LED video display in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2003, Rex Co-founded Urban Display Network LLC. (UDN) in June of 2003.  UDN implemented the first outdoor digital LED signage network in NYC for selling third party advertising. The UDN network consisted of 80 LED displays in downtown and Midtown Manhattan subway entrances.

In 2007, Rex returned to consulting, focusing in the Las Vegas and New York, and Middle East markets.  Recent projects include a Stadium Video replay screen in Riyadh, a 10 screen LED Digital Billboard Network in Taif, Saudi Arabia and nine LED screens at the Marquee Night club in Las Vegas, the highest grossing nightclub in the United States. In 2014, he secured Letters of intent to do two large revenue generating LED-advertising projects in the Los Angeles area.  Both projects have projected completions dates by the end of the 4th quarter of 2015.

Rex is an original Co-Founding Air Media partner, and CEO. 

Mr. Williams earned a B.A. in Business Management from the Master’s College, Santa Clarita CA and lives on the west coast with his wife and three daughters in the San Francisco suburbs.​

  • Peter F. Wrobleski;  Founding Partner, COO

​​As Chief Operation Officer, Peter Wrobleski is responsible for the overall daily operations of Air Media as well as Business Development and Expansion into new markets. He manages all Air Media personnel involved in the design, installation and support of AirMediaOne™ systems and daily playlist management and updating, as well as marketing and sales.  Peter is ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction. He will also actively sell ad inventory and participate in ad agency recruitment and relationship building as part of the executive sales team.

Peter has over 20 years experience in Communications, Digital Display technology in both the manufacture and design as well as in marketing and business strategy.

In 1994 as General Manager of a small pager and cellular phone reseller, Peter created and grew a network of customers over a 5 state region to over 40,000 active monthly subscribers accounts. He then co –founded and was CEO of ITN Inc. (International Telecommunications Network Inc) in the phone calling card market. In a strategic partnership with AT&T to use their dedicated servers, ITN created custom designed and branded nationwide and international calling cards distributed through 7-Eleven, Walmart, Wawa and Exxon. Peter then opened 2 International call centers in Atlantic City and Trenton, New Jersey

In 1998 Peter was instrumental in Launching Times Vision Limited, a joint venture with CCDL, an LED manufacturing facility in Zhenzghou, China. As VP of Operations, he introduced new custom LED signage products to the North American market.  Peter was also instrumental in negotiating the purchase of 5 million LEDs from Nichia Corp in Japan to build LED Displays for the Olympics in Sydney Australia. Later he created a new "Mobile Event" division of Times Vision. This division provided large portable LED displays for use at various events such as the JP Getty Museum grand opening, The New York City Marathon, several NFL SuperBowls, NASCAR races and the Cannes Film Festival in France.

It was at Times Vision that Peter promoted his new LED technology to Rex Williams at Ad Art Electronic Sign Corporation, starting a 20-year relationship and ultimately, their current partnership in Air media.

In 1999 Peter was appointed Executive VP of Operations for Universal Displays, an international LED sign and specialized lighting corporation. Universal Displays was responsible for the design and creation of very customized and unique LED applications worldwide. He assisted in launching several patented and trademark brands including DataSign™, Tubelight™ and Smartpix™. Peter is currently on the Board of Directors for Universal Displays.

Peter Wrobleski is one of the original creators and co-founder of Air Media LLC . In 2012, he helped design and integrate the highly successful Digital LED display Network at the NYWaterway terminals operated by CRN (Cross River Network). He subsequently proposed to install and himself operate a similar but wireless digital display network on the NYWaterway courtesy bus fleet, and Air Media was born.

Peter is an original Co-Founding Air Media partner, and COO.

Peter studied International Relations and Business Administration at Seton Hall University. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and is a proud and life long resident of New Jersey with his wife Sonia.

  • Mario Perez, CFO

As CFO, Mario is responsible for the overall financial and risk management of the company, its financial reporting and transparency, and Investor Relations. This includes asset management, tax preparations, banking activities, cash flow management and structuring/negotiating investor funding. Mario also oversees the financial analysis and modeling that shapes the company’s strategies for new ventures and business development activities.

Mario has over 25 years of experience in public and private accounting as an accomplished forensic accountant / investigative auditor representing international clients in various industries, (i.e., real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, high tech, electronics, music, sports, advertising, etc). He is recognized for his extensive knowledge of finance, the measurement of damages, risk management and assistance with structured equity/debt financing. 

Mr. Perez obtained a Bachelor of Art degree from Rutgers University with a major in accounting and concentration in finance and economics.  He has done graduate level work in Advance financial modeling, operational sensitivity feasibility analysis and cash flow projections.

Mario joined Air Media as a partner and CFO in 2014.

He lives in northern NJ with his wife Lucy and his two children.

  • Peter J. Hellermann;  Executive Vice President

As EVP Operations, Peter Hellermann is responsible for the implementation of AirMediaOne on-board systems, wireless networks, and management of all related contractors and suppliers. He is also responsible system performance, support, spares and maintenance, and for working with transit operators and local authorities to insure vehicle regulatory compliance.

Peter’s experience includes over 20 years of high technology marketing and program management in LED billboards, aerospace, bus and rail transit systems. He has a proven blend of technical, business and financial modeling expertise.

As an “Intrapreneur” working at companies including Westinghouse/Unimation and Symbol Technologies, Peter managed the development and release of numerous products resulting in profitable new businesses in the $50 to $100 million in annual revenue range. He also played key roles selling and implementing elements of the NYC Transit Metrocard system, which revolutionized fare collection on NYC subways and buses.

Peter eventually struck out on his own and was the U.S. representative of Crystaleyes LTD, a London based provider of a new digital advertising and surveillance system for transit vehicles. Crystalleyes installed and operated its groundbreaking system on several hundred London Transport Routemaster  buses. His other entrepreneural activities include startups in the wind turbine and digital LED billboard markets.

Peter is an original Co-Founding Air Media partner, and EVP.

Peter earned a BS at Stony Brook University, and an MBA (Marketing/Finance) at Hofstra University, both in NY. He resides with his wife Carol in Huntington NY on the north shore of Long Island.

  • Ricardo Marques (Diesel/Vallas Group);  EVP, Business Development

​As EVP Sales and Marketing, Ricardo is primarily responsible for achieving overall Air Media sales revenue. He manages direct Ad inventory sales, works with partner transit operators and media companies to sell ads, recruits and manages relationships with ad agencies to foster ad sales. Ricardo also drives all marketing programs, promotional activities, website, trade shows, collateral and external communications and press.

Ricardo brings to Air Media over 10 years of extensive advertising asset portfolio development and management experience in 8 of the nation's top 10 markets.

Mr. Marques began his career with Lamar Advertising at the age of 20 as a manager for the northern Utah Transit market. After Lamar, he joined Fuel Outdoor and helped drive its quick growth to become one of the nation's largest Outdoor Advertising companies. Ricardo was the fourth employee of Fuel Outdoor and was soon appointed the manager of the newly acquired San Francisco and Los Angeles markets. In less than two years, he more than doubled the size of Fuel's portfolio in the markets under his responsibility.

In 2008, Ricardo branched out on his own to successfully develop and manage his own advertising assets on the West Coast. In 2010 he sold his inventory to a Chicago outfit in order to start his latest new venture, Diesel Outdoor. Diesel is create a unique new national outdoor advertising company based in New York City with with a specialty in transit advertising. Shortly after opening Diesel, Grupo Vallas, one of the largest advertising media companies in Latin American invested in Diesel as a partner. This partnership provides Vallas with an entre into the U.S. market for it’s huge portfolio of Latin American client advertisers.

Ricardo is an original Co-Founding Air Media partner, and EVP.

Ricardo attended Rutgers University and was a member of the varsity soccer team. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Donna, stepdaughter Sydney-Lynn and dog Scruffy.


  • Wayne Sherman;  CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

​As Chief Technology Officer, Wayne designs AirMediaOne™ on-board systems, wireless networks, stationary infrastructure, commissions systems and provides ongoing technical support. He also implements playlist design and ongoing playlist management processes across the Air Media partner transit fleets. His extensive experience has enabled him to create a sophisticated, intuitive and user-friendly proprietary operating platform. 

Wayne has 25 years experience in Information Technology and electronic signage, and wireless data communications.  His technical skills and experience include LED signage, network and communications systems design, as well as hardware and software development. Wayne is responsible for developing and implementing Air Media’s proprietary optional features and system enhancements. Wayne worked at Ad Art with Rex Williams as an electronics/LED signage network system designer, and they continued working together ever since.

Following Ad Art, Wayne joined Urban Display Network that Rex Williams established to install and operate an outdoor LCD network at 80 New York City subway entrances. As Head of IT, Wayne designed the system and managed its installation and commissioning. Based on a long history of success and trust, Rex recruited Wayne to become a partner at Air Media partner.

Wayne joined Air Media as a partner and CTO in 2014.

He lives in Nevada, just outside Las Vegas, the epicenter of the digital signage industry.

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